Zionism or Judaism?

I would like to share a private email written by someone else and sent to me by a third party (in italics, spelling corrected and slightly edited)“Zioncrimefactory

I’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback on my last post about whether it’s just the

‘zionists’ that are the problem or just ‘jews’. I think I made some very good

points that it cannot possibly be just Zionism as history shows the Jews have been expelled from hundreds of countries long before zionism was ever codified. Jews have many rituals

and religious traditions that are vile and disgusting like baby sacrifices, the

mutilation of babies penises(i.e. circumcision), the condoning of pedophilia in

their holy book ‘The Talmud’, the advocating of usury on gentiles, and many

other unethical, disgusting, and downright criminal practices. These are not

‘Zionist’ things.

I got involved in this so called ‘movement’ or alternative

train of thought about a year ago. I first learned about 9/11 being an ‘inside

job’ and listened to Alex Jones.

I realized after awhile that he (Alex Jones) was entirely full of shit who

wouldn’t even touch the real issues with a ten foot pole. He was too busy

demonizing the federal government.

Then as I researched 9/11 and other crimes more and more the

evidence started to lead me into the direction of ‘zionism’.

Once I started researching and becoming more vocal about Zionism I

started to encounter these people who would tell me it’s just the ‘zionists’ not

Jews. They would tell me “ohhh it’s not Jews it’s Zionists, they are like

Nazi’s!” They would tell me “they’re not semitic, they’re not real

Jews, they’re ashkenazi’s!”, and so on and so on. Then

they’d start to show me pictures and videos of ‘anti-zionist’ Jews. This

naturally led me to become suspicious, almost as if they were ‘protecting’

something. Why were they so adamant about this, why would they even care what I


These confused ‘truthseekers’ who are doing this end up turning

into Jew ‘defenders’ of sorts. Many times these people will bring up the fact of

disagreement between Jews as a way to say “oh, look they disagree, they’re

not all on the same side!” This is NOT the case. When you take the time to

actually study these anti-Zionist Jews who claim to be against Zionism and thee

state of Israel you will quickly realize this has nothing to do with them caring

about the welfare of the Palestinians, it is mainly because they disagree with

the concept of ’statehood’; that is until their ‘messiah’ returns. When their

Messiah returns(if it ever does) they would gladly displace the Palestinians to

establish a Jewish state. In order to understand this problem you must study the

Jewish religion.

The Jewish religion is PRO-JEWISH and ANTI-EVERYONE ELSE. Jews

will always look after Jews first before anything, this is a fact. Read their holy books, read their Talmud, Mishna, and Kabbala. This is who they are as a people, they will never change.

All this talk about Zionism is simply another Jewish deception in order to get

the Gentiles minds off of Jewish criminality as a whole and make you focus on

stuff they disagree on. This confuses so called ‘truthseekers’ into defending

Talmudic Jews simply for being against the concept of ’statehood’ thus

‘anti-Zionist’. Both Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews are a problem because they

both look out for Jews first before anything. The anti-Zionist Jews might

deceive you into thinking this is not true but it is. You can readily find a Jew

to preach against Israel with you because it benefits them as a whole to lead

the dissent and focus attention on a particular disagreement or particular

crimes committed by a certain group Jews (i.e. those of the Zionist breed). It

is a way to divide the issue of Jewish crime so you don’t aim directly at them

as ‘Jews’. This deception allows them the extra concealment or cover to commit

their usual criminal practices amongst gentiles.

The Jewish philosophy is to play on every team just so long as they do not appear to be on the ’same’ team. This way they cannot lose. Each of these groups will be led by Jews so as to

benefit Jewish interests first, and destroy non-Jewish interests at the same time. You will see Jews leading the far left Communists, the far right neo-cons, and also the leftist Liberals. They lead the radical feminists movement to pit gentile women against gentile men, the radical

homosexual movements, the prostitution rings, the pornography industry and just

about every other industry or movement that will turn gentile societies into a

despotic mess, as outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Research each of these movements aforementioned and you will find this to be

true. Their purpose is to make so many different ideologies, social movements,

and philosophies that people will become so confused that they will turn into

apathetic pacifists who don’t give a damn about anything anymore. They rule by


Another point worthy of mention is these people who claim targeting

Jewish culture as a whole as the criminal culprits is ‘counter-productive’. This

is the furthest thing from the truth. These people are Jew ‘defenders’ who have

their shoes tied together because they are caught up with this Jewish

distraction of ‘zionism’, and are afraid of being ‘racists’. Most Jews are

racists, end of story. Therefore, if I hold this same animosity that they have

towards me simply because I’m not a Jew, than I am simply defending myself and

it is absolutely the right thing to do. I feel for you people, I do, I used to

be one of you who thought it’s just the ‘zionists’ but this will not solve

anything. Was there no Jewish problem say 500 years ago when there was no state

of Israel, and Zionism did not exist? Were Jews not subverting governments and

using them to their own benefit all the while driving them into the ground? Were

jews not practising Usury on the gentile populations? Of course they were,

that’s why they’ve been expelled so many times. The more I think about it the

more laughable this ‘blame zionism’ stuff gets. These people are starting to be

like the Alex Jones cultists on the other side of the ‘truth’ fence. They don’t

study history, they don’t research the facts. They just accept at face value the

honesty of some ‘anti-zionist’ Jews. It’s funny how these people will readily

call people in the truth movement shills, and dishonest, yet as soon as some

Jews come in and claim to be on our side they automatically believe them and do

not question their sincerity one iota. This just goes to show the kind of

subversive power grip these Jews have over Gentile minds. ”


4th of July 2009



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