The Common Denominator Behind Federal Despotism

Who is ruling over you with absolute authority?

American culture is rapidly collapsing into virulent fascism. The Christian majority is confused and actually aiding and abetting the criminal Zionists unwittingly. Why are the Christians unable to identify the Jews as the source of their problems? Why don’t they confront the real issue, why do they blame it on the New World Order, a mysterious group supposedly ruling over us secretly?

The very same Christians complain about the out of control Federal government but are unable to make the connection that Jews are behind every President and it is the Jews who are writing and imposing the draconian (Talmudic) laws on them. And why do Christians also make the mistake of calling it a New World Order when in fact it is very obviously a Jewish World Order (JWO).

NWO is Christian code for JWO

I write and write and write an no one seems to get it.

(BTW, how to identify the psyop publications is that they never say the word “jew”).The foxhole is where Christians will end up because if they refused to shift their consciousness.

Just think about this for a long time: what if nobody believed in Jehovah or the Bible or the Commandments or the Jewish version of reality?

How could the Jews rule us? It is only the belief that allows the Jews to rule, the belief is a spell and Christians are spellbound, thus unable to take corrective action even now in the midst of the collapse.

The Jews own America because they own the (Christian) mass mind; but thankfully that is changing very, very fast as the shift is on. In just a couple of years the powers that be will have no base, as Ian Lungold’s explains of the Mayan Calendar.

Change in consciousness is speeding up according to Ian Lungold: the Jews and their ignorant Christians allies commit endless Middle East atrocities and genocide then more and more people fall away from Christian hypocrisy and more and more people see the Jews for what they really are: arrogant racists barbarians, not the light unto the world as they claim. The Jews have done more to expose themselves than the army of patriotic bloggers.

Left vs. Right obscures the real tyrants

Left vs. right is a tactic to divide and conquer and obscure the truth that Jews control both sides. What is obvious now is that “left wing” “liberal” Obama is identical to “right wing” “conservative” Bush.

Another unknown phenomenon is that fundamentalist Christians think the Jews are against them. Really? The creationists are the #1 asset of Jews because they are validating Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and I say that those creationist museums are being funded by Jews just like the evangelical TV preachers.

If science disproves every verse of Genesis then that means the rest of the Bible is probably bullshit.


Like maybe, just maybe, that implys that the Jews are not the “chosen ones”. Gee, do ya’ think?

So what Jews need is a big fundamentalist revival in a dumbed down nation to bring the nation back to “god” … and thus under Jewish control. As I say over and over what the Christian “god” really is are the Jews who control your mind.

When everybody is put back into the spell bound state of “belief” (aka memetic possession, see my other essays, google: “phishna blogger”) then the Jews are secure on the throne, get it? Therefore it is imperative for the Jews to maintain the spell, by promoting fundamentalist/evangelical Christianity while pretending to oppose it so that the dumb goy don’t figure out the ruse. Thus the mainstream media, which is owned and controlled by Jews, is now promoting “creationism” on par with science. Absurd, like objectivity on Fox News.

Look at these images to see how ridiculous Christian America is becoming, the dumbed down masses are actually believing that man existed at the same time as dinosaurs:

Jesus rode dinosaurs don’t ‘ya know!

Christian art: installing the idea that dinosaurs are recent species on planet earth that is only 6,000 years old:

This is an actual exhibit at Creationist Museum, imbecile father helping son onto saddled dinosaur:

Modern APE MAN, pastor, idiot, Ken Ham ( in Genesis, a Christian ministry that specialises in Young Earth Creationism, and is primarily devoted to convincing people that the initial chapters in Genesis should be taken as literally true and historically accurate.”

Pastor Ken Ham is a beLIEver in the Holy Bible as inerrant “word of god”, thus this man is elevated by the Jews because he is an useful idiot for Jew control of America. If he convinces you then the Jews own your soul. Can you see why there is so many idiot preachers on the “jewtube”?

Holocaust Museum = Creationist Museum= brainwashing centers

How dare I question Jew propaganda!

Obama youth featured stories   House Bill Proposes Commission to Explore National Servitude

What they Jews would like to do is pit black vs. white, creationist vs. evolutionist, New Ager vs. evangelist destroying America by division all the while having a Jewish controlled multi-ethnic President (Obama) preaching unity. Obama is a total fraud because he is a Jewish puppet.

Ha ha aha! Slick ain’t they? You have to admit that the Jews are very good at duping goy.

Every form of despotism being imposed on us by the Feds is perfectly logical and understandable if one frames political reality in terms of Jewish writings, thinking, mindset, beliefs, Protocols, the Jews as a nation occupying America, etc. The Jews will rule until America unites to fight the real enemy, the Jews and their Holy Books, their racism, their mindset, their parasitic behavior.

The common denominator is that Jews are the ones “behind the scenes” “pulling the levers of power”. The common denominator behind Wall Steet, Bush, Obama, Federal Reserve, departmental czars, is Jewish control and Jews themselves. (see

The very thing no one dares mentions is the very thing organizing behind the scenes destroying America. The fact is Jews are destroying America. Wall Street Jews. Bernie Madoff and Abramoff Jews. Federal Reserve Jews. ADL, Abe Foxman, Mossad Jews. Neoconservative Perle, Wolfowitz Jews. Cheney, Scooter Libby Jews. Obama Jews. Bush Jews, Clinton Jews. Waco, OKC Federal Building, Randy Weaver, 9112001 all Jew psyops. Figure it out!

It’s the Jews, not little grey aliens, not Bilderbergers, not a single man like Mayer Rothchild, not Lucifer, not the devil, not Satan, not lizard shape shifting reptilians, or quasi dimensional Bigfoots, or ghosts, or anything George Noory, Art Bell, Ian Punnett blab about every night on Coast to Coast DISINFORMATION. It’s the Jews! Say it! Right now! Say it to yourself, say the word ” J E W ”

It’s the JEWS!!!

So if that’s true then why don’t Christians talk about the Jews?

Because they are Christians and they can’t attack their source of their truth, the Holy Bible, because if they attack the Jews they are attacking themselves. If Alex Jones were to say the word “Jew” what would happen besides the obvious (he’d be off the air) is that most of his listeners would stop listening. Same for Rense and Icke and all the rest. The Jews have so much psychic control, even mainstream pundits can’t say the word “jew”.

We are so magically spell bound bound by the Jews we can’t even say the word “Jew”. How pathetic, and we claim to be free. If you think you are free then see if you can say: “the Jews are destroying America” or “the Jews are the enemy of freedom”.

Who are the real terrorists?

Are Muslims taking away your freedoms? Nope. Is Osama imposing tyranny or gun control on you? Obviously not. So who are the real terrorists? They are the ones who initiated the “war of terror” and attacked our country. Israel did 9112001, a provable fact. Many New York Jews knew of the plot and didn’t report to work at the WTC complex that day.

What the United States Army needs to do

The army needs to stage a counter coup and arrest the real terrorists. All the neoconservatives arrested and assets seized. Cheney needs to stand trial. All the Jews in government arrested as traitors. All the Jew spys arrested at the ADL, the entire organization arrested for what they are, a Mossad terrorist cell. The Constitution restored and Congress reprimanded, the Federal Reserve abolished.

This is not complicated or radical, the Jew traitors should be treated as any other organized crime syndicate and tried under existing Federal racketeering laws. Think of the Jews as racial gang, a gang of banksters and fraud artists.

9112001 was mass murder of Americans. It was a crime, it was the high crime of treason because Bush and Cheney were in on it. It’s high time we investigate then prosecute the Jews and their lackeys that pulled 911.


15 June 2009

Movies like Religulous and Zeitgeist are popular because the shift is on: movie was produced by Jews, because even the Jews are now getting it that everything we’ve believed about religion is bullshit.


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