Ideal America Destroyed by Jews

America used to be a peaceful place. Paul Detlefsen painting of peaceful America before the decline and destruction. Everything about this painting is exactly the opposite of today. Why?

Do you think the title of this blog outrageous? I think confronting the actual reason for America’s decline and destruction is moral and courageous. After reading this post I hope to convince you that America could be peaceful and prosperous if America was rid of Jews.

America is currently experiencing a delusional state of Jew insanity. The Jews have seized all organs of government and are now actualizing their final demented plans of world domination and forcing mankind into total subservience to the Jew supremacists. America has been militarized and the world is now under the thumb of Jewish run empire, super power USA, the “end times” beast of Revelations. Internally the police forces are being tranceformed into fascist storm troopers. How this is happening is in your daily news. Why is never discussed. All main stream news are owned and controlled by Jews. Coincidence?

An example of Jewish mind control is the fact that the obvious 9112001 terrorism was obviously and inside job and that the WTC towers was a controlled demolition that is never discussed on television. And even worse the Jewish complicity is completely verboten. Slowly but surely Americans are having to confront reality in their minds, that the government was involved in 911, a staged mass murder, and coverup. This search will eventually bring the truth seekers to the door of the hidden power controlling America. The United States as you know it will not survive when the truth of 911 is brought to light. This is good, because the United States as you know it is controlled by evil Jews.

Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!

What was America like before the Jews took over? America used to be organized around individual freedom and prosperity and sound money. Once the Jews were able to gain control of the gold backed money and force use of their fiat Federal Reserve Notes then America started a long decline. That decline is now at it’s end because now America is totally bankrupt. Reality is forcing us to confront the Federal Reserve. Confronting abuse ends it. The purpose of the Federal Reserve was to financially rape America and transfer the wealth of the entire nation to the evil Jews, it did that, now it’s over.

We get our freedom back automatically when we realize the culprit. Evil ends when we decide not to tolerate evil. Most Americans are still clueless, the argue liberal or conservative not realizing the obvious truth that both parties are controlled by Jews. Global warming is not part of a liberal agenda, it’s a Jew scam to fleece and control the world under the pretense that man’s activities are causing global warming. Luckily for us, the world is cooling and scientists are getting the courage to challenge the fraud, but they dare not call it a Jew conspiracy. Pragmatic pussies.

Only a long protracted economic decline where Americans loose everything will force the pussy pretend cowboy rednecks to actually take reality seriously. So that’s the real problem, it’s not the Jew criminals, it’s with you and the lack of moral authority. The world is full of criminals, do you have the courage to call the Jew overthrowing your country a criminal? Think about it, your moral courage is the prime enemy of the Jew black magicians. It’s not your freedom that matters, it’s your ability to think, reason and take a moral stand. The Jews play this game and it’s characteristics are often shown in media, the human caves to pragmatism and job security.

But first we must stop our own complicity with the Jews by removing the Bible memes from our minds. When the typical American can logically think and express outrage at Jew text like the Talmud or Bible, then we will be free. Freedom starts in the mind, each person must overcome the propaganda of the Jews, start thinking and start acting against the Jews, because the Jews are their ideas are evil.


10 June 2009


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