Fear and Hate is the Center of Judaism

How did this all start?Imagine a religion born of hate. Imagine that this hatred was so intense that it followed humanity through time and still is affecting the world today. Imagine that this hate was codified into religious law and became the basis of our reality today. That religion is Judaism, the most hateful memeplex every invented by the human mind.

In a nutshell, Judaism is a tribal code of hate toward all other tribes, it is hate for that which is outside of itself.

Hate is the result of one thing and only one thing: the loss of control either real or imagined. If you really think about what hate actually is, it is the perception of loss of control.

The emotion of hatred is also based on fear, it is fear expressed. War is this mind fear expressed into the physical realm. The reason that the world is so preoccupied with war is that Jews dominate the mental planes. The Jew money machine and the wars waged to prop it up are second order results of the Jewish “spirit” of hate codified into law. Even the unconstitutional war in Iraq is “legal” under our current mindspell.

We might have been taught that murder is immoral and against god’s commandments, but the truth is we love war because of our mindset. War is our anger expressed, so what is causing this anger, what is making us so angry and hateful that we are willing to spend our time waging war? Good question, to find the answer go find a happy person who was not taught the Bible.

We can also say unequivocally that hate is the opposite of love. The emotion of hatred is the starting point of Judaism and the devil is in the details.

Hatred toward an individual or hatred toward a rival tribe was later expressed as hatred toward rival nation states. Like any memeplex, Judaism keeps evolving toward more perfect hate, that’s why post Torah holy books like the Talmud and Protocols are more and more radical. Some say the Protocols are a forgery, but the truth about the Jews is how the Jews behave right now toward the Palestinians and how they treat America, word for word, the Protocols are implemented, verbatim.

Hate and fear share the same bed. If one fears and hates then obsession to control becomes a logical expression that emotion. As the tribe spread out across the planet they tried to control everything, the Jews more than any other group are control freaks. Thus Jews seek money and political power so as to control others because of their intense fear of persecution. But this leads to a self feedback loop of persecution of the would be controllers, who persecute those in the lands the Jews control. The rival population is then forced to deal with the Jewish occupiers by either expelling or killing them probably primarily in economic downturns. This phenomenon is happening again, every day thousands and thousands of more people want the Jews dead. Only a fool doesn’t see where this is going, the Jews are going to ratchet up control and the peoples of the world are going to react by exterminating the Jews.

The Jewish holy books reflect the tribe’s emotions, because writing is a reflection of one’s spirit, Jewish writings reflect this fear and hate. The Jewish holy books are collection of vengeful memes to control and manipulated people outside of their tribe, that is, everyone who isn’t born a Jew. So as Judaism evolved, diabolical control of rival tribes became inevitable. That lead to the present moment where 4,000 years of Judaism is now controlling and destroying American liberty. Old time religion is making a comeback.

Later still, the “terminator” religion Zionism arose out of the ashes of many self deceptions. The Jews refuse to see that they are the cause of their own suffering, that programmed hate leads to certain consequences, that denial is not the road to self healing. Zionism is the final “end times” insane expression of Jewish supremacism and hate. With Zionism, Judaism flowers into its logical conclusion, a fascist political movement that spreads death over the entire planet.

So to blame only Zionism is really short sighted and foolish. Yet this is what so many commentators do, they limit the perception to Zionism or corporatism. Left wing gate keepers like Noam Chomsky blames corporations yet fails to connect that the corrupt American corporations are owned by Jews and that the policies are constructed in accordance to the Jews master plan of total domination. Chomsky describes the problem totally outside Jewish financial domination, as if you could separate the two.

Summarizing the logical progression of Jewish hate mindset:

1. loss of control begets hate

2. hate begets racism

3. racism begets tribalism

4. Hebrew tribalism begets Judaism, the Torah is codified hate memes

5. Judaism evolves further and becomes even more intensified hate in the Talmud, even nations and continents are hated,

(Note: the Talmud hatred memes are so extreme that pedophile Rabbis codify goyim child rape and practice ritual child sacrifice)

6. Talmud begets Zionism, now the whole world, even the planet itself, is hated by the tribe

7. Zionism attaches itself to the Evangelical Christians (even though Christianity was Judaism reformed away from hate and exclusionism)

8. The War of Terror is hate toward the whole planet (Christian and Jewish Zionists are trying to start nuclear WW3, each with their own diabolical agenda)

America subverted

In the 20th century, as the military-industrial-entertainment-propaganda complex becomes owned by Jews, the entire American mindset is subverted to Zionist thinking and programming. At the present moment, American foreign policy is completely Zionist, the President and Congress mere puppets of Jews, most foreign and military aid goes to Israel, crimes against the Palestinians completely ignored at all levels of government worldwide. The nations that do not agree with the Jewish hate agenda are labeled terrorists, like Iran and Russia.

Currently America has lost its moral center and is drifting into chaos. As American morality slips and the hypocrisy piles high, Americans are despised worldwide. 9112001 is an Israeli black op, all Jews involved (reference: http://theinfounderground.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5367), none of real perpetrators are prosecuted, and American credibility plummets to zero.

Clearly, America’s loss of center and financial destruction is being caused by Jewish control of the American state, yet nearly all of the commentators deny reality or blame something else. This is the real problem, relative reality, believing anything you want because you are protecting something else in your head.

This loss of spiritual morality precedes the financial crash because trust is the key to financial relationships, as trust slips bond buyers disappear and the dollar plummets. Russia becomes the new moral center, the Russian military is now stopping Zionist expansion, and this is why the Neoconservatives hated Russia.

It is important to note that as cover for their diabolical actions, the Jews form all kinds of anti-hate groups pretending to be against hate yet practice genocide within their own state. Palestine is being ethnically cleansed yet the “anti-hate” organization ADL says nothing. Total hypocrisy at best, the diabolical plan at worst. Most people think the Jews are against hate because of their Holocaust experience, what they don’t realize is that the Jews invented the Holohoax as a way to subvert the host. The six million number used numerous times before World War 2.

The Real Target is Judaism not Zionism

Imagine a target as shown below:


The yellow is Judaism, the source, the Torah, the beginning.

The red is next level depraved Jewish thinking, the Talmud and other books.

The blue is Zionism, which is only the political expression of Jewish writings, Zionism is a second order expression of Jewish philosophy.

The black rings all the expressions of the center rings, the fascist corporations, the usury banks, the entire media (MSM), the Jewish propaganda lobbies (AIPAC, JINSA SPLC, etc.), the Jewish owned corporations, insurance lobbies, the whole body of law, every institution owned or controlled by Jews.

Finally, the white outer rings are the primary support group of Zionism, that being the American Evangelical Christians. They have attached themselves to the Jewish power structure, modern Christianity’s god is power and the Jews are their controllers. Modern Christianity has been subverted by a return to Jewish Old Testament memes, it is the “end times” apostate religion that they were supposed to watch out for in their own prophecies.

The Downwave

The downwave is the the decline in economy matched by the rise in awareness of the real perpetrators. The terminal point is when the world reacts to the insanity and ends it. This may be the 2012 time period, the next upcycle commences exactly when the revolution ends the previous power structure. It is important to note that there will be no recovery until the problem of the Judaism is dealt with.

People are making the mistake holding on to the current system. They are still aligning with the power structure that is collapsing financially, their pensions magically disappearing in bankruptcy proceedings, their 401k’s evaporating into 201k’s. But as the downwave progresses they will be forced to abandon their support of the power structure, they will realign with the revolution in progress.

The reason why so many Americans are losing everything is because the Universe is going to force them to confront the block. The Jews are destroying America and thieving it’s wealth, the details are in the news. The abuse will continue until America stands up to the abuser. Until we get the courage to say the word “Jew” the downwave and destruction will continue.

If you want to change the world change yourself first. For instance there’s no point in complaining about the crash or the Jews if you believe in the Jewish written Bible. Going to church and sitting their idly listening to some dipwad pastor is self suicide and is almost as insane as praying to the Jewish “god”.

Confusion reigns amongst the patriots

There is an overall trend and the individual path, the two are not always aligned. For instance the writers and talk show hosts are on the path toward truth and discernment of what ails our world but individually each person graduates at their own pace. Typically the commentator is far ahead of the crowd for the simple reason that they have thought about the problem for a much longer time than the average person.

Each person is on their own path, each truth seeker has to evolve at their own pace. That’s why not all of the patriotic commentators are on the same page. Each person has to discover the underlying cause on their own and that can only happen as each person self realizes it. Telling them won’t do it. If a person has been religiously indoctrinated into a Judeo derivative memeplex like Christianity they may never realize it.


Don Harkin (http://proliberty.com/observer/) shot a lot of bullets but missed the bulls eye because he never wrote or printed anywhere close to the real issue, probably because his North Idaho audience is primarily Christian. The fact is Christians can not confront the source of their teachings. His best attempt that I can find on the web is his essay: Slavery and the eight veils (see http://proliberty.com/observer/20011212.htm) and is one of the reasons I wrote “Shadows of the Beast” (see http://beastshadows.blogspot.com/).

Jeff Rense (www.rense.com) blesses Judaism daily on his radio show even though the Talmud, Protocols, and Zionism are logical derivatives of Judaism. Apparently Mr. Rense thinks we should we preserve archaic religions, as if Judaism in itself is some wonderful tradition worth preserving. Obviously, even if Zionism was totally repudiated and eliminated the problem would still remain because the cancerous root Judaism would be intact.

Henry Makow, Len Horowitz, and Reverend Ted Pike who are prominent researchers featured on http://www.rense.com protect the center of the Judeo-Christian power structure. They overtly support Christianity and traditional Judaism. They attack the New World Order even though its very clearly a Jewish World Order. In a recent interview, Jeff and Len Horowitz rail against the diabolical machination of tainted vaccines yet never discuss that such a policy originates in Judeo thinking, they blame it on greedy corporations. They actually want you to believe that a profit motive is all there is to the vaccine scam. On Jeff Rense’s website, under the featured columnists, I can’t find one writer that actually takes on the real issue of Judaism.

Gunnery Sergeant Alex Jones (www.infowars.com) machine guns the black ring only totally missing the main center of the target, he never accuses the “Jews” of anything. Married to a Jewish wife, he uses words like Bilderbergers, New World Order, “Eugenicists” and “fascism. Mr. Jones flails against the symptoms, not the underlying cause. He never talks about the relationship of Evangelical Christians to the Jewish power structure, how American fascism is only possible because a sizable chunk of America is supporting the Jewish fascists. You’ll never hear him make the connection that the Bushites Neoconservatives were almost all Jews and their primary support group were Evangelicals especially since he’s in the heart of the Texas Bible belt.

Brit David Icke (www.davidicke.com) refuses to attack the center of the problem, the Jews and Judaism probably because he’s financed by the City of London (aka Zionist Jew headquarters), but lately he’s been moving in toward the center and even using the word “Jew”. There’s even a 3 part youtube video set that examines if his lizard theory is code for “Jews”.

Michael Rivero (www.whatreallyhappend.com) every once in awhile does hit the target, but stays toned down so as not offend his liberal thinking audience. Last week I heard him being interviewed by Alex Jones, he did an excellent job steering the interview toward the outer structure but not the center of the target, and that may be calculated on his part because you just can’t openly talk about the Jews at this moment in time.

Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and other MSM whores shoot away from the target completely, even MSM is code for Jewish owned networks. They offer false targets, ruses to keep the majority in the dark as to who the true manipulators really are. This is of no surprise since the owners of the networks are all Jews.

Are all of the commentators just greedy capitalists?

Who doesn’t want to imitate the Jews, have their money and power? Gerald Celente talks about the new trend of fascism and Wall Street crooks but I have yet to hear him actually say the word “Jew”. Why can’t he say that the common denominator linking Alan Greenspan, Ben Shalom Bernanke, Bernie Madoff, Hank Paulson, Maurice Greenburg, etc. etc. is their Jewish heritage?

Why indeed? Complain but don’t complain to loud. Have you heard that saying “tough titty said the kitty, but the milk tastes good.”

Predictions of how this will evolve

Previous cycles will provide a general outline of what will happen next, those previous waves will create “wave repeats”, events that will mimic past history, previous historical waves:

French Revolution

American Revolution

American Civil War

Collapse of Weimer Germany and the Rise of Hitler

Bolshevik Revolution

Genocide and destruction of Palestine

WW2 terminates with use of nuclear weapons

Third World nations rising up expelling World Bank, IMF and other Jew enterprisesIf you want to know the future study the past trends. There is a flow to history and its goal is higher consciousness.

The Dam is about to burst

Imagine the huge Hoover dam, the water behind the dam are all of the human souls trapped by the Jewish propaganda matrix. The dam’s purpose is the block to human consciousness so that the power center can exploit mankind. The dam must be removed to allow human evolution.

Every so often someone figures out what the truth is, makes it through the dam. In this metaphor they are like pin holes in the dam so other water droplets (souls) follow. They write books and pamphlets and because of the internet their message can now spread fast. So its not going to take 100 years for people to realize the obvious, it might only take a couple of years just as Ian Lungold explains in his briefings.

The MSM blacklists anyone who ID’s the real perps, the Jews and their organizations. But this won’t last much longer as the crisis is going to get people to face reality.

What this means those who are standing up and talking about the crisis could be paid operatives misleading the sheep. But as the truth about the Jews or 911 spreads, more and more radio hosts will zero in on the real perps or be discredited. Recently TV talk show host Glenn Beck was outed by truthers.

This is what has happened with 911 truth movement, anyone or any organization defending the government viewpoint is obviously a fraud. So if National Geographic or Popular Mechanics defends the government 911 report then they have just committed long term suicide, readers will abandon those publications, I know I did.

Those pinholes in the dam are going to increase into gushers then the whole damn matrix is going to blow apart as human consciousness breaches the barrier to the next higher level. Very soon the whole world will openly talk about the Jews without reservations. Just 2 years ago nobody dared say fascism publically, now everyone does. How’d that happen? A threshold is reached then breached, consciousness marches forward.

New Trends that will form in the downwave:

Politeness will be cast aside.

The word “Jew” will be used every more frequently. Loss of wealth will result in loss of fear.

Like any manifestation, resolution in the mind will result in concrete action.

The revolution will be battle against Jewish control, first it starts in the mind then it is expressed outwardly. Freedom is automatic with awareness, we get our freedom back automatically with self realization, the whole problem is in the mind.

Let me repeat: the whole problem is in your head, its not out there, its within, change what is within and everything on the outside of the “self” also changes. You and what is outside are the same thing, so if you want the Jews to go away, quit believing in them! Quit believing in their chosen status, quit going to church, quit reading and memorizing the Bible, quit using their money. Quit giving them your energy, your being, your mind. Walk away from their madness and create something new.

Judaism is Ground Zero of the “End Times”

The End of the Cycle will be defined by the destruction of Judaism. Why? Because human consciousness can not evolve to a higher frequency as long as our minds are pinned down in the low vibration of hate and war and disease and suffering.

No matter what the illusions, the Universe is not fooled by manipulative Jews and their diabolical transgressions against Nature. The circle of karma will be fullfilled as every evil of the Jews will multiply into a huge tidal wave of energetic repatriation against the Jewish State and it’s parent cities of New York and London. Real spiritual knowledge is understanding that energy is in a closed loop, everything one does is circled back to the source.

Already New york and London have been bombed, this is only a prelude of what’s to come. In the future, when the nukes are lit off, it will be obvious that 9112001 in NYC was a really, really bad omen. But that’s crazy talk, right?

scene from “The Matrix, 1999”:


The Oracle to Neo: “As soon as you step outside that door, you’ll start feeling better. You’ll remember you don’t believe in any of this fate crap.”

As soon as you click out of this blog, you’ll start feeling better. You’ll remember you don’t believe in any of this doomsday crap, you’ll turn of the TV and be soothed by the drone of mainstream media.


12-14 Sep 2009

PS I want you to ask yourself, why do we even make movies like “The Matrix”? Think about that for a long time. It takes a huge amount of energy and talent to make a movie, we do it because we are pushing the boundaries of our consciousness. Movies are about the present moment, they reflect ourselves and our consciousness or psychic road blocks.

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Zionism or Judaism?

I would like to share a private email written by someone else and sent to me by a third party (in italics, spelling corrected and slightly edited)“Zioncrimefactory

I’ve gotten quite a lot of feedback on my last post about whether it’s just the

‘zionists’ that are the problem or just ‘jews’. I think I made some very good

points that it cannot possibly be just Zionism as history shows the Jews have been expelled from hundreds of countries long before zionism was ever codified. Jews have many rituals

and religious traditions that are vile and disgusting like baby sacrifices, the

mutilation of babies penises(i.e. circumcision), the condoning of pedophilia in

their holy book ‘The Talmud’, the advocating of usury on gentiles, and many

other unethical, disgusting, and downright criminal practices. These are not

‘Zionist’ things.

I got involved in this so called ‘movement’ or alternative

train of thought about a year ago. I first learned about 9/11 being an ‘inside

job’ and listened to Alex Jones.

I realized after awhile that he (Alex Jones) was entirely full of shit who

wouldn’t even touch the real issues with a ten foot pole. He was too busy

demonizing the federal government.

Then as I researched 9/11 and other crimes more and more the

evidence started to lead me into the direction of ‘zionism’.

Once I started researching and becoming more vocal about Zionism I

started to encounter these people who would tell me it’s just the ‘zionists’ not

Jews. They would tell me “ohhh it’s not Jews it’s Zionists, they are like

Nazi’s!” They would tell me “they’re not semitic, they’re not real

Jews, they’re ashkenazi’s!”, and so on and so on. Then

they’d start to show me pictures and videos of ‘anti-zionist’ Jews. This

naturally led me to become suspicious, almost as if they were ‘protecting’

something. Why were they so adamant about this, why would they even care what I


These confused ‘truthseekers’ who are doing this end up turning

into Jew ‘defenders’ of sorts. Many times these people will bring up the fact of

disagreement between Jews as a way to say “oh, look they disagree, they’re

not all on the same side!” This is NOT the case. When you take the time to

actually study these anti-Zionist Jews who claim to be against Zionism and thee

state of Israel you will quickly realize this has nothing to do with them caring

about the welfare of the Palestinians, it is mainly because they disagree with

the concept of ’statehood’; that is until their ‘messiah’ returns. When their

Messiah returns(if it ever does) they would gladly displace the Palestinians to

establish a Jewish state. In order to understand this problem you must study the

Jewish religion.

The Jewish religion is PRO-JEWISH and ANTI-EVERYONE ELSE. Jews

will always look after Jews first before anything, this is a fact. Read their holy books, read their Talmud, Mishna, and Kabbala. This is who they are as a people, they will never change.

All this talk about Zionism is simply another Jewish deception in order to get

the Gentiles minds off of Jewish criminality as a whole and make you focus on

stuff they disagree on. This confuses so called ‘truthseekers’ into defending

Talmudic Jews simply for being against the concept of ’statehood’ thus

‘anti-Zionist’. Both Zionist and anti-Zionist Jews are a problem because they

both look out for Jews first before anything. The anti-Zionist Jews might

deceive you into thinking this is not true but it is. You can readily find a Jew

to preach against Israel with you because it benefits them as a whole to lead

the dissent and focus attention on a particular disagreement or particular

crimes committed by a certain group Jews (i.e. those of the Zionist breed). It

is a way to divide the issue of Jewish crime so you don’t aim directly at them

as ‘Jews’. This deception allows them the extra concealment or cover to commit

their usual criminal practices amongst gentiles.

The Jewish philosophy is to play on every team just so long as they do not appear to be on the ’same’ team. This way they cannot lose. Each of these groups will be led by Jews so as to

benefit Jewish interests first, and destroy non-Jewish interests at the same time. You will see Jews leading the far left Communists, the far right neo-cons, and also the leftist Liberals. They lead the radical feminists movement to pit gentile women against gentile men, the radical

homosexual movements, the prostitution rings, the pornography industry and just

about every other industry or movement that will turn gentile societies into a

despotic mess, as outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Research each of these movements aforementioned and you will find this to be

true. Their purpose is to make so many different ideologies, social movements,

and philosophies that people will become so confused that they will turn into

apathetic pacifists who don’t give a damn about anything anymore. They rule by


Another point worthy of mention is these people who claim targeting

Jewish culture as a whole as the criminal culprits is ‘counter-productive’. This

is the furthest thing from the truth. These people are Jew ‘defenders’ who have

their shoes tied together because they are caught up with this Jewish

distraction of ‘zionism’, and are afraid of being ‘racists’. Most Jews are

racists, end of story. Therefore, if I hold this same animosity that they have

towards me simply because I’m not a Jew, than I am simply defending myself and

it is absolutely the right thing to do. I feel for you people, I do, I used to

be one of you who thought it’s just the ‘zionists’ but this will not solve

anything. Was there no Jewish problem say 500 years ago when there was no state

of Israel, and Zionism did not exist? Were Jews not subverting governments and

using them to their own benefit all the while driving them into the ground? Were

jews not practising Usury on the gentile populations? Of course they were,

that’s why they’ve been expelled so many times. The more I think about it the

more laughable this ‘blame zionism’ stuff gets. These people are starting to be

like the Alex Jones cultists on the other side of the ‘truth’ fence. They don’t

study history, they don’t research the facts. They just accept at face value the

honesty of some ‘anti-zionist’ Jews. It’s funny how these people will readily

call people in the truth movement shills, and dishonest, yet as soon as some

Jews come in and claim to be on our side they automatically believe them and do

not question their sincerity one iota. This just goes to show the kind of

subversive power grip these Jews have over Gentile minds. ”


4th of July 2009


The Common Denominator Behind Federal Despotism

Who is ruling over you with absolute authority?

American culture is rapidly collapsing into virulent fascism. The Christian majority is confused and actually aiding and abetting the criminal Zionists unwittingly. Why are the Christians unable to identify the Jews as the source of their problems? Why don’t they confront the real issue, why do they blame it on the New World Order, a mysterious group supposedly ruling over us secretly?

The very same Christians complain about the out of control Federal government but are unable to make the connection that Jews are behind every President and it is the Jews who are writing and imposing the draconian (Talmudic) laws on them. And why do Christians also make the mistake of calling it a New World Order when in fact it is very obviously a Jewish World Order (JWO).

NWO is Christian code for JWO

I write and write and write an no one seems to get it.

(BTW, how to identify the psyop publications is that they never say the word “jew”).The foxhole is where Christians will end up because if they refused to shift their consciousness.

Just think about this for a long time: what if nobody believed in Jehovah or the Bible or the Commandments or the Jewish version of reality?

How could the Jews rule us? It is only the belief that allows the Jews to rule, the belief is a spell and Christians are spellbound, thus unable to take corrective action even now in the midst of the collapse.

The Jews own America because they own the (Christian) mass mind; but thankfully that is changing very, very fast as the shift is on. In just a couple of years the powers that be will have no base, as Ian Lungold’s explains of the Mayan Calendar.

Change in consciousness is speeding up according to Ian Lungold:

https://i1.wp.com/www.hiddenknowledge.net/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/ian-x-lungold.jpgAs the Jews and their ignorant Christians allies commit endless Middle East atrocities and genocide then more and more people fall away from Christian hypocrisy and more and more people see the Jews for what they really are: arrogant racists barbarians, not the light unto the world as they claim. The Jews have done more to expose themselves than the army of patriotic bloggers.

Left vs. Right obscures the real tyrants

Left vs. right is a tactic to divide and conquer and obscure the truth that Jews control both sides. What is obvious now is that “left wing” “liberal” Obama is identical to “right wing” “conservative” Bush.

Another unknown phenomenon is that fundamentalist Christians think the Jews are against them. Really? The creationists are the #1 asset of Jews because they are validating Genesis, the first book of the Bible, and I say that those creationist museums are being funded by Jews just like the evangelical TV preachers.

If science disproves every verse of Genesis then that means the rest of the Bible is probably bullshit.


Like maybe, just maybe, that implys that the Jews are not the “chosen ones”. Gee, do ya’ think?

So what Jews need is a big fundamentalist revival in a dumbed down nation to bring the nation back to “god” … and thus under Jewish control. As I say over and over what the Christian “god” really is are the Jews who control your mind.

When everybody is put back into the spell bound state of “belief” (aka memetic possession, see my other essays, google: “phishna blogger”) then the Jews are secure on the throne, get it? Therefore it is imperative for the Jews to maintain the spell, by promoting fundamentalist/evangelical Christianity while pretending to oppose it so that the dumb goy don’t figure out the ruse. Thus the mainstream media, which is owned and controlled by Jews, is now promoting “creationism” on par with science. Absurd, like objectivity on Fox News.

Look at these images to see how ridiculous Christian America is becoming, the dumbed down masses are actually believing that man existed at the same time as dinosaurs:

Jesus rode dinosaurs don’t ‘ya know!


Christian art: installing the idea that dinosaurs are recent species on planet earth that is only 6,000 years old:


This is an actual exhibit at Creationist Museum, imbecile father helping son onto saddled dinosaur:



Modern APE MAN, pastor, idiot, Ken Ham (http://www.answersingenesis.org/):

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_HamAnswers in Genesis, a Christian ministry that specialises in Young Earth Creationism, and is primarily devoted to convincing people that the initial chapters in Genesis should be taken as literally true and historically accurate.”

Pastor Ken Ham is a beLIEver in the Holy Bible as inerrant “word of god”, thus this man is elevated by the Jews because he is an useful idiot for Jew control of America. If he convinces you then the Jews own your soul. Can you see why there is so many idiot preachers on the “jewtube”?

Holocaust Museum = Creationist Museum= brainwashing centers

How dare I question Jew propaganda!

Obama youth featured stories   House Bill Proposes Commission to Explore National Servitude

What they Jews would like to do is pit black vs. white, creationist vs. evolutionist, New Ager vs. evangelist destroying America by division all the while having a Jewish controlled multi-ethnic President (Obama) preaching unity. Obama is a total fraud because he is a Jewish puppet.

Ha ha aha! Slick ain’t they? You have to admit that the Jews are very good at duping goy.

Every form of despotism being imposed on us by the Feds is perfectly logical and understandable if one frames political reality in terms of Jewish writings, thinking, mindset, beliefs, Protocols, the Jews as a nation occupying America, etc. The Jews will rule until America unites to fight the real enemy, the Jews and their Holy Books, their racism, their mindset, their parasitic behavior.

The common denominator is that Jews are the ones “behind the scenes” “pulling the levers of power”. The common denominator behind Wall Steet, Bush, Obama, Federal Reserve, departmental czars, is Jewish control and Jews themselves. (see http://www.realzionistnews.com/?p=407)

The very thing no one dares mentions is the very thing organizing behind the scenes destroying America. The fact is Jews are destroying America. Wall Street Jews. Bernie Madoff and Abramoff Jews. Federal Reserve Jews. ADL, Abe Foxman, Mossad Jews. Neoconservative Perle, Wolfowitz Jews. Cheney, Scooter Libby Jews. Obama Jews. Bush Jews, Clinton Jews. Waco, OKC Federal Building, Randy Weaver, 9112001 all Jew psyops. Figure it out!

It’s the Jews, not little grey aliens, not Bilderbergers, not a single man like Mayer Rothchild, not Lucifer, not the devil, not Satan, not lizard shape shifting reptilians, or quasi dimensional Bigfoots, or ghosts, or anything George Noory, Art Bell, Ian Punnett blab about every night on Coast to Coast DISINFORMATION. It’s the Jews! Say it! Right now! Say it to yourself, say the word ” J E W ”

It’s the JEWS!!!

So if that’s true then why don’t Christians talk about the Jews?

Because they are Christians and they can’t attack their source of their truth, the Holy Bible, because if they attack the Jews they are attacking themselves. If Alex Jones were to say the word “Jew” what would happen besides the obvious (he’d be off the air) is that most of his listeners would stop listening. Same for Rense and Icke and all the rest. The Jews have so much psychic control, even mainstream pundits can’t say the word “jew”.

We are so magically spell bound bound by the Jews we can’t even say the word “Jew”. How pathetic, and we claim to be free. If you think you are free then see if you can say: “the Jews are destroying America” or “the Jews are the enemy of freedom”.

Who are the real terrorists?

Are Muslims taking away your freedoms? Nope. Is Osama imposing tyranny or gun control on you? Obviously not. So who are the real terrorists? They are the ones who initiated the “war of terror” and attacked our country. Israel did 9112001, a provable fact. Many New York Jews knew of the plot and didn’t report to work at the WTC complex that day.

What the United States Army needs to do

The army needs to stage a counter coup and arrest the real terrorists. All the neoconservatives arrested and assets seized. Cheney needs to stand trial. All the Jews in government arrested as traitors. All the Jew spys arrested at the ADL, the entire organization arrested for what they are, a Mossad terrorist cell. The Constitution restored and Congress reprimanded, the Federal Reserve abolished.

This is not complicated or radical, the Jew traitors should be treated as any other organized crime syndicate and tried under existing Federal racketeering laws. Think of the Jews as racial gang, a gang of banksters and fraud artists.

9112001 was mass murder of Americans. It was a crime, it was the high crime of treason because Bush and Cheney were in on it. It’s high time we investigate then prosecute the Jews and their lackeys that pulled 911.


15 June 2009

Movies like Religulous and Zeitgeist are popular because the shift is on:https://i2.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/_m47RlRiYoAg/SVTjbvZR8uI/AAAAAAAABgU/G0FYZe_tLlo/s400/religulous_ver3.jpgthis movie was produced by Jews, because even the Jews are now getting it that everything we’ve believed about religion is bullshit.

Ideal America Destroyed by Jews

America used to be a peaceful place. Paul Detlefsen painting of peaceful America before the decline and destruction. Everything about this painting is exactly the opposite of today. Why?

Do you think the title of this blog outrageous? I think confronting the actual reason for America’s decline and destruction is moral and courageous. After reading this post I hope to convince you that America could be peaceful and prosperous if America was rid of Jews.

America is currently experiencing a delusional state of Jew insanity. The Jews have seized all organs of government and are now actualizing their final demented plans of world domination and forcing mankind into total subservience to the Jew supremacists. America has been militarized and the world is now under the thumb of Jewish run empire, super power USA, the “end times” beast of Revelations. Internally the police forces are being tranceformed into fascist storm troopers. How this is happening is in your daily news. Why is never discussed. All main stream news are owned and controlled by Jews. Coincidence?

An example of Jewish mind control is the fact that the obvious 9112001 terrorism was obviously and inside job and that the WTC towers was a controlled demolition that is never discussed on television. And even worse the Jewish complicity is completely verboten. Slowly but surely Americans are having to confront reality in their minds, that the government was involved in 911, a staged mass murder, and coverup. This search will eventually bring the truth seekers to the door of the hidden power controlling America. The United States as you know it will not survive when the truth of 911 is brought to light. This is good, because the United States as you know it is controlled by evil Jews.

Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!


What was America like before the Jews took over? America used to be organized around individual freedom and prosperity and sound money. Once the Jews were able to gain control of the gold backed money and force use of their fiat Federal Reserve Notes then America started a long decline. That decline is now at it’s end because now America is totally bankrupt. Reality is forcing us to confront the Federal Reserve. Confronting abuse ends it. The purpose of the Federal Reserve was to financially rape America and transfer the wealth of the entire nation to the evil Jews, it did that, now it’s over.

We get our freedom back automatically when we realize the culprit. Evil ends when we decide not to tolerate evil. Most Americans are still clueless, the argue liberal or conservative not realizing the obvious truth that both parties are controlled by Jews. Global warming is not part of a liberal agenda, it’s a Jew scam to fleece and control the world under the pretense that man’s activities are causing global warming. Luckily for us, the world is cooling and scientists are getting the courage to challenge the fraud, but they dare not call it a Jew conspiracy. Pragmatic pussies.

Only a long protracted economic decline where Americans loose everything will force the pussy pretend cowboy rednecks to actually take reality seriously. So that’s the real problem, it’s not the Jew criminals, it’s with you and the lack of moral authority. The world is full of criminals, do you have the courage to call the Jew overthrowing your country a criminal? Think about it, your moral courage is the prime enemy of the Jew black magicians. It’s not your freedom that matters, it’s your ability to think, reason and take a moral stand. The Jews play this game and it’s characteristics are often shown in media, the human caves to pragmatism and job security.

But first we must stop our own complicity with the Jews by removing the Bible memes from our minds. When the typical American can logically think and express outrage at Jew text like the Talmud or Bible, then we will be free. Freedom starts in the mind, each person must overcome the propaganda of the Jews, start thinking and start acting against the Jews, because the Jews are their ideas are evil.


10 June 2009

Imagine a World Without Jews

Want a Better World?

Imagine a world free from the insane Judeo religions…

Without Judaism there would be no Catholicism, Christianity or Muslims religions, we wouldn’t be looking in the Bible for truth

without Jews there would be no hate filled religion, no supremacy mentality, no apocalyptic vision of end times, no Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

there would be no Mormons or Joseph Smith or gold plates or september dawn

there’d be no Pat Robertson or 700 Club, no TV evangelists or Christian Zionist psychopathic traitors

John Hagee couldn’t exist without the Jews

without Jews, dazed Americans wouldn’t be willing to have their kids slaughtered in foreign wars for the profiteering and warmongering Jewish led neoconservative movement

without Jews there could be no Zionists, no concrete walls in Palestine, no Zio-Nazis killing Palestinians in the “holy land”

there’d be no pilgrimages to the Holy Land, or looking for god in a stone wall

there would have been no slave ships, no extermination of the native Americans, the continent would not be raped, water polluted or coast to coast industrial J.P. Morgan hellhole

without Jews the earth would be considered holy, not a place to exploit for profit, not a gift from a imagined god given only to the Jew

there would be no abomination state of Is-a-hell, no Balfour Declaration, no World War 1

without Jews the bombing of the USS Liberty wouldn’t have happened, no Waco or Ruby Ridge and FBI chief wouldn’t of been a Jew

without Jews there would be no Jehovah Witnesses knocking on the door, or “end times” street preachers yelling we’re doomed

without Jews there would be no rabid preachers spewing Old Testament filth and demanding loyalty to an angry judgemental Jew god, there would be no salvation, no bloody Jesus hanging on a cross for sinners, there would be nothing to repent for, everyone would be born ok the first time, and we wouldn’t practice cultic bodily mutilation

without Jews there would be no Jew owned banks, no inflation, no loafs of bread that cost $5

without Jews, the Pentagon couldn’t bribe Hollywood to make propaganda films like “Pearl Harbor” or “Black Hawk Down”

without Jews, there would be no Synagogues, or Temples, or ritual sacrifices, or red cows killed to appease the angry sky god

without Jews there would be no AIPAC lobby buying off The Congress, no JINSA, no Lieberman, no imaginary global warming or carbon tax, and Al Gore wouldn’t of gotten a Nobel Peace prize

without Jews, Dubya wouldn’t have been President, 9112001 wouldn’t have happened, there’d be no War of Terror, no Iraq War, no depleted uranium, no deformed babies

without Jews there would be no Pope wearing a big phallic shaped hat, no going to Rome to get audience with god, in fact we wouldn’t care what god thinks or seek his permission

without Jews there would have been no 911, no Gitmo, no extraditions, no violations of the Geneva Convention

without Jews, there would be no paid Jew radio protagonists like Michael Weiner or his vision of a Savage Nation, no fascist Jerry Doyle rants, or goy stooges like Rush Dumbo or Bill O’Reilly foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs

without Jews there would be no Ayatollah or Osama, there would be no wars in the Middle East

without Jews the world wouldn’t be a carved up for exploitation, the world bankers wouldn’t be all Jews, we wouldn’t be reading about the Jew crooks on Wall Street

without Jews there would be no Texas super corridor, no NAFTA, no World Bank, no IMF, no subversion of the Constitution for the Jew bankers

Alex Jones and wouldn’t be talking about “the globalists”, David Icke wouldn’t be writing about “the lizard people”, we wouldn’t be chasing the shadows of the beast and nor would we tiptoe around Jewish subversion afraid of being labeled antisemitic

without Jews there would be no debt based money, no inflation, no wild real estate, commodity, or stock speculation, houses would be homes not speculative vehicles to beat inflation

without Jews there would be no monetary bubbles, and no economic crashes, no FEMA camps, and no upcoming Homeland Security terror

without the Jews, we wouldn’t butcher nature, clear cut whole forests to pay debt with interest, we wouldn’t need credit cards to buy food, or pay zillions of “dollars” for “homes” we could of build ourselves outside of the Jewish legal code

without the parasitic Jews, America wouldn’t be a bankrupt, exploited, and destroyed country with confused and terrorized citizens

without Jews we would be happy productive people, living in peace and harmony


17 Feb 2009

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Imagine there’s no heaven

It’s easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries

It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one